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We provide end-to-end services in power generation, transmission, power distribution solution, and smart grid management solution.

We provide customized ready-to-deploy solutions for thermal power plants such as total EPC, comprehensive Balance of Plant (BOP), and Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) solutions. With rich experience in coal and gas-based plants, super and subcritical technologies, we have executed several large and complex projects, including India's largest power plant of its type at Krishnapatnam.

Our expertise in planning and executing power distribution solutions makes us the preferred choice to lay down power lines. We have laid more than 13,000 kms of power transmission lines since its inception. As a power distribution solution, it operates in all types of terrains, such as the Himalayan Ranges, forests, and deserts, to install high voltage lines ranging from 440 to 765 kV to up to 1200 kV DC. We use the latest technology such as stringing with the help of Drones, Material transfer with the help of Helicrane & Ropeways, smart grid management solutions, and 3D engineering for the construction of Substation Control room buildings to accelerate the construction of transmission lines in hilly areas.

Our strength lies in having skilled resources, robust processes, and exceptional project management capability. This allows us to effectively monitor and control every stage of the execution, and deliver the project on time, making us the preferred choice for power distribution solutions and smart grid management solutions.

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Key Areas

power generation solutions

Power Generation

We have rich experience in building thermal, hydro, and combined cycle power plants. We provide customized ready-to-deploy solutions for power plants including total EPC and comprehensive Balance of Plant (BOP) and Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) solutions.

power transmission solutions in india


We have successfully commissioned more than 13,000 kms of transmission lines across multiple voltage levels including 800kv HVDC projects

power distribution projects


Our optimally designed towers and substation structures allow us to reduce conductor wastage ensuring faster construction and on-time delivery.

Tower Manufacturing Unit

Tower Manufacturing Unit

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit to manufacture transmission line towers and structures. The unit is spread across 40 acres of land.

smart grid management solutions

Smart Grid

We provide an efficient and reliable two way delivery system from source to sink through integration of renewable energy sources, smart transmission and distribution.

Key Projects

EPC of Substations, Pearl Projects for UDC Qatar

400kV DC Indo-Nepal Cross-Border Transmission Line, for power transmission Company Ltd, Nepal

220kV SC Kargil – Khalsti Transmission line for Power Grid

1X800 MW BoP Thermal Power Plant at Krishnapatanm for APPDCI

2X800 MW BoP Thermal Power Plant at Ramagundarm for NTPC

500kV Roi Et 2 Chaiyaphum 2 Transmission Line of 41.42 km project in Thailand,

765 kV D/C Angul Jharsuguda

400 KV D/C Samba Amargarh Sterlite) PKG 3

3X800 MW BoP Thermal Power Plant at Krishnapatanm for APGENCO

400 kV D/C Srikakulam Garividi

800kv HVDC (Hex conductor) Barabisa-Islampur Transmission Line for Power Grid

LILO of 400 kV S/C Farakka Jeerat

765kv DC (Hex Conductor) Nellore-Kurnool Transmission Line (315 km), for Power Grid

400 KV D/C Badhla Jodhpur (ICB 6)

765kv DC Wardha-Aurangabad Transmission Line (17 Kms), for Power Grid

765/400kV Kadapa GIS substation

765kv DC Angul-Jharsuguda Transmission Line (165kms), for Power Grid

765 kV D/C Vindhyachal Jabalpur TL (Part 1)

765kv Kanpur New GIS Substation for power grid

400 KV D/C Akal Jodhpur

132kv SC Kindaruma-Mwingi-Garissa Transmission Line for Kenya Power, Africa

BOP for 2X800 MW STPP for NTPC at Ramagundam

R-APDRP Allahabad Distribution Project for PUVVNL

BOP for 1 X 800 MW STPP for APPDCL at Krishnapatanam

project management company in india