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Through the Energy Services Companies model and Social Entrepreneurship model, we provide investment solutions that provide an innovative way forward. As an Energy Service Company, we provide Municipal corporations with solutions to achieve energy cost reductions. This model guarantees savings for a set period in exchange for payment from the energy cost savings. Leading the way as an energy service company, this energy solution greatly helps support upcoming corporations and communities.

Tata Projects intends to develop a sustainable business model (Social Entrepreneurship Model) around water purification plants in collaboration with stakeholders. We have tie-ups with leading banks to provide loans to economically weaker sections of the society with which they can purchase the water purifiers and run it as a business.

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Key Areas

water purification technology companies


Social entrepreneurship model providing employment and safe drinking water.

Smart Cities


Providing Smart lighting Solutions to Pune, Noida and Ludhiana.

operation, renovation and maintenance

Operation, Renovation & Maintenance